Chicago Chuck
Ever since he moved here from Park Slope, Chuck’s always reppin’ his hood with a Chicago Bulls jersey. He’s been after some wigger pussy for a while, and Kibble finally gave it up when he told her about the 24” spinners he just put on his ride.

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Baby Mama
Horse’s babymama came to his crib trippin’ bout her child support. She fronted on him in front of his boyz, but he shut her up when he stuck 10" of cock down her throat. Then put his cock in her tight ass so he could be sure she wouldn’t pop up with another kid

These chicken heads don’t give a fuck, they put out for any baller on the street!

We came across this real O.G. when we were chillin’ in A.C. Him and Kibble kicked it a little, but they didn’t really hit it off too good. As a matter of fact, when he left, he promised to bust a cap in all of our asses. Don’t be hatin’, dawg!

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